“The Cleaners” have arrived to Empire Avenue. Have you heard?

Empire Avenue is feeling new and improved!   It’s a marketing tool, that’s a social media community, a social media site, and a game all wrapped into one.   Empire Avenue is a site that currently has a small user base, that’s growing.  I’ve used the site since May of 2011 and I’m excited about some of the new changes.

“The Cleaners” have arrived to Empire Avenue.  The annoying things that past users have complained about are starting to disappear.  If you like sharing good social media content, then that’s what Empire Avenue is searching for.  If you like meeting new people online, and networking, it’s a place to start.  If you’re into reality T.V., then you will love the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.  Things are improving, and below I’m just going to tell you about a few of the improvements.

1) Multiple accounts types are available.  These accounts range from free to $499.00 per month.  I recommend free accounts to individuals who just want to meet people .  I recommend paid accounts to those whom want to use it as a marketing tool.  Empire Avenue allows users to create missions (advertising campaigns) to share social media content with others.  Mission FAQs are new and improved.  Every and anything is not allowed, so please read those prior to creating a mission.

2) Rewards can now be purchased, with a virtual currency used by Empire Avenue.   Businesses can purchase a virtual currency called vees and run advertising missions.  When users of the site complete the missions they can earn vees to purchase digital entertainment and gift cards (limited to certain locations currently).

3) The social market game is optional:  If you are into virtual stock market games you will like it, but if not it’s no longer a requirement for new members.

4)  A Brand new Affiliate program has just been launched.  This program will allow users who help other users, or whom spread the word about Empire Avenue to earn commissions.  I just joined this program myself and I’m already seeing results.

If your already using Empire Avenue or if your interested in checking it out, will you please consider me as your official referrer for Empire Avenue by clicking this link.  You can also find me on Empire Avenue with my Social Market Ticker (e)KITA .



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Definition of an Empire Avenue Mission

The true intent of missions on Empire Avenue is to share good content. It’s not to ask for bombs and 3 plus shares. Missions are intended to share information with others. If others like that information then at that time, it’s very nice if they like, share, or comment. The content can be original content or things you find that you would like to share with others. I would like to share a poem by Pablo Neruda, he died in 1973 when I was 2 years old. I like his poetry though, the words he wrote in my eyes are timeless. I think that if he were alive today we could have some very good discussions. I like to write poetry also. I only hope that one day my poetry can be viewed by someone after I’m gone who still finds it relevant. 

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The Gaming of the Game that is Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a social media platform that is made up of several smaller products.  These products are in place to help individuals realize the value, and potential of their social media networks.  These networks can also be used for building a global market place.  In other words it’s a multipurpose product that can be utilized for several things.

Some individuals choose to game the system.  One might ask how?  Well lets explore some of the parts, and I will break it down for you.

Profiles:  People create a profile for an individual or a business.  Everyone has a profile and it’s connects you to the other parts.  Some users game this part of the system by creating several fake profiles.  They use stock photos and create fake social media accounts to connect to the game, in order to drive traffic to their main accounts.  Mostly to promote themselves or products.

Missions:  People can create or complete missions with their profiles.  To game a mission you simply have to use one profile to create a mission to support other profiles.  You can also create a mission to support the social media accounts that are connected to the other profiles.  If an individual has at least 10 accounts, and places them all into a community, they can then run missions.  This allows them to transfer virtual currency between profiles.

Communities:  People know that when you post in a community the responses that you get can help your EAV scores.  Posting in the communities also gets you noticed.  Some people create communities to get noticed.  Some just post and ask questions that they know the answers to.  Some appear to try to be helpful to others while using self promotion tactics at the same time to promote their personal agendas and content.  Others post random things that they try to make appear as something that is to help Empire Avenue, or connected to it in some way.  The reality is they are spamming, and hiding behind some phony connection to Empire Avenue within the post.

Social Market: (Previously known as the stock market) – This will now be optional to new users. Some people use the fake profiles to build up and promote their main profiles in the social market.  They game the system by using their fake accounts to increase the amount of traffic to their main accounts.  They purchase shares from one account to the other account and when they all work together in unison they all steadily grow together.

If you use Empire Avenue, keep your eyes open, and watch to see who games the system. Watch to see who actually plays by the rules.  You will be surprised by what you can see if you actually pay attention.

Everyone with more than one account isn’t gaming the system though.  Please don’t think that.  We also have a lot of nice people on the avenue who will run missions for their friends and their friends content, so please don’t confuse that for gaming.  Just watch each individual that you deal with carefully over time. You will be able to tell the differences in those who help all, and those whom primarily help only themselves. Also realize that everyone on EAV at some point or another likes a little self promotion. People do promote themselves, and their profiles.  The thing is there is a fine line between the occasional #BigSelfiePromotion, and the nonstop shameless self promotion that is gaming the system.



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The Pressure to Use Feeds to Succeed with Empire Avenue.

I’ve played Empire Avenue since May of 2011.  I’m highly competitive.  When I started I didn’t have large networks, and I still don’t have them.  Facebook was my largest network, with about 1500 friends.  I really didn’t use any other social media sites. I found the game side at that time highly addictive, and I wanted to do well.  Facebook is the only social media product that I understood, but it wasn’t enough.

Two and a half years later, I find myself with multiple accounts to keep track of, and limited time.  I tried so hard to only have original material when I started.  I would tweet 100 original tweets a day.  I would post 20 original photos to Instagram and Flickr a day.  I would try to play facebook games and get people to interact with me constantly.  I was fighting a losing battle that lead me to burn out.

In desperation, I turned to other Empire Avenue players.  Some of these players were growing faster and paying higher dividends.  Some of these players had been using the site a year longer than I had.  I gave into the Empire Avenue peer pressure to compete.  I was told I was not a Social Media RockStar, and my 1 to 5 original post/tweets a day that at most I would normally do would never be good enough.  I watched my scores falling and my dividends dropping, and I panicked.  I took their advice and I turned to the RSS feeds.  I felt like I was drowning, and no one was liking, retweeting and sharing anything I tried to post from my heart and mind.  I felt that what I had to say didn’t matter. I felt I had no voice.

Well today, I disconnected those feeds.  I may only be able to post something original on occasion.  My dividends and scores may drop, but I will be real.  I will share my thoughts, my voice.  I will complete missions to help friends and others succeed on Empire Avenue, whom have good content and things that interest me.  I’m letting go of the pressure to have a certain score and pay a certain dividend.

I hope some of you can join me on this path, to a genuine transformation.  A positive change.  I’ve asked these things of Empire Avenue.  I now expect these things of myself.  I ask everyone to look at what you have done in social media, and at the end of the day has it truly made you happy?  If not, it’s time to let go of the feeds.

One more thing, I’ve never had fake followers, but if you really want to succeed with your voice, how can you when only fake people are around?  Let it go.  Do it right, and let the world see what your true social media potential is.


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A day on Empire Avenue

Someone just sold all my stock
without a reason or rhyme
it’s been on the climb
and people wonder what make one’s activity decline

I went to say hello today
to network, to be nice
only to find my kindness was declined
left feeling kinda blind
Transactions and interactions blocked
no new friendship here to unlock
to them I never said one word or did one wrong deed
but even in the #EAV world some people spread the evil gossip seed

I created some missions and bought some shares
It made me happy because some truly cared
It’s the good-hearted people who are so kind
who share intelligent conversation and have like minds
that make Empire Avenue one of a kind


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