A day on Empire Avenue

Someone just sold all my stock
without a reason or rhyme
it’s been on the climb
and people wonder what make one’s activity decline

I went to say hello today
to network, to be nice
only to find my kindness was declined
left feeling kinda blind
Transactions and interactions blocked
no new friendship here to unlock
to them I never said one word or did one wrong deed
but even in the #EAV world some people spread the evil gossip seed

I created some missions and bought some shares
It made me happy because some truly cared
It’s the good-hearted people who are so kind
who share intelligent conversation and have like minds
that make Empire Avenue one of a kind



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48 responses to “A day on Empire Avenue

  1. Fabulous! Kita you are our muse…

  2. Hey that is a great poem and I relate in many ways 🙂 thanks!

  3. A pretty accurate description of the day to day life on that site. Ya win some, ya lose some, so to speak, eh?

  4. awesome and I can completely relate!

  5. Super use of detail and mood. As someone on the Avenue I can relate. What I like most is a Non player would relate to the mood you create using EAv imagery. Impressive.

  6. Your EA poem bought smile on my face!
    EA is a mystery to me most of the days
    Somedays I think I cracked the whole Mystery
    But the next day, I know I didn’t 🙂

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  8. capcronin

    Nice poem, I felt your pain Kiara.

  9. Laurel Klem

    Great poem, let’s hope for more good-hearted people.

  10. Nicely done, the quiet ones always get bitten but not to worry,patience will see the calm reveal all. Have a beautiful day !!

  11. I never had a poetic thought about Empire Avenue. Awesome wordsmithing!

  12. You rock Kiara. Want more! 🙂

  13. awesome poem Kita!! and Trust me, I can relate!!

  14. No worries, everybody sells my stock

  15. ha ha I’m with Harold — I’ve never had a poetic thought about Empire Avenue. I get in and out as quickly as I can. Nice work.

  16. awesome kiara…this is really good…

  17. Great prose! I echo your comments and concerns.

  18. You can always knock on my door. 😉

    Love it!

  19. LOL how many have you blocked Kita? I am in double figures now. Seems so pointless to block folk

  20. outstanding – really love this

  21. Please add in social share buttons. There is no way to share your contents now!

  22. Excellent poem, and spot-on!

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