The Pressure to Use Feeds to Succeed with Empire Avenue.

I’ve played Empire Avenue since May of 2011.  I’m highly competitive.  When I started I didn’t have large networks, and I still don’t have them.  Facebook was my largest network, with about 1500 friends.  I really didn’t use any other social media sites. I found the game side at that time highly addictive, and I wanted to do well.  Facebook is the only social media product that I understood, but it wasn’t enough.

Two and a half years later, I find myself with multiple accounts to keep track of, and limited time.  I tried so hard to only have original material when I started.  I would tweet 100 original tweets a day.  I would post 20 original photos to Instagram and Flickr a day.  I would try to play facebook games and get people to interact with me constantly.  I was fighting a losing battle that lead me to burn out.

In desperation, I turned to other Empire Avenue players.  Some of these players were growing faster and paying higher dividends.  Some of these players had been using the site a year longer than I had.  I gave into the Empire Avenue peer pressure to compete.  I was told I was not a Social Media RockStar, and my 1 to 5 original post/tweets a day that at most I would normally do would never be good enough.  I watched my scores falling and my dividends dropping, and I panicked.  I took their advice and I turned to the RSS feeds.  I felt like I was drowning, and no one was liking, retweeting and sharing anything I tried to post from my heart and mind.  I felt that what I had to say didn’t matter. I felt I had no voice.

Well today, I disconnected those feeds.  I may only be able to post something original on occasion.  My dividends and scores may drop, but I will be real.  I will share my thoughts, my voice.  I will complete missions to help friends and others succeed on Empire Avenue, whom have good content and things that interest me.  I’m letting go of the pressure to have a certain score and pay a certain dividend.

I hope some of you can join me on this path, to a genuine transformation.  A positive change.  I’ve asked these things of Empire Avenue.  I now expect these things of myself.  I ask everyone to look at what you have done in social media, and at the end of the day has it truly made you happy?  If not, it’s time to let go of the feeds.

One more thing, I’ve never had fake followers, but if you really want to succeed with your voice, how can you when only fake people are around?  Let it go.  Do it right, and let the world see what your true social media potential is.



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17 responses to “The Pressure to Use Feeds to Succeed with Empire Avenue.

  1. a timely post and Kita your last sentence hits everything on the head. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the post, Kita. We should be using Empire Avenue to augment our social media not the other way around.

  3. I too, got caught up with my competitive nature but have refocused on making REAL connections instead of worrying about share price and divs, having fun again. Great post Kita!
    Colin Turnbull

  4. Interesting Kita, when I joined EA 2 years ago I had little SM presence – maybe 1000 genuine connections. I liked EA for the connections I made as I played the game and for what I learnt. But now I am tired and few connections remain even though my networks now total over 10,000. Maybe you’re right and it’s time to let go and be myself once again.

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  6. Wise words Kita, thanks for your insight!

  7. jgesma

    This is really something Kita 🙂

  8. Stephanie

    Cool write up

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  10. newsblaze

    I wanted to get higher stock price and dividends, but I couldn’t work out how to do it, so after about two months, I said that it didn’t matter, because people were investing in me and I was reciprocating and leaving them good comments, and that was more important to me than the false god of doing things to get a higher score.

    My aim was to connect with good people, share the good things they did and learn what I had to do to make my newspaper and the other things I cared about more useful to people.

    Thanks for the great post.

    Kita – why isn’t your name on the post? Where is your author tag? I only knew it was you because other friends mentioned your name.

    • KC

      I’m not sure where you even set the author tag, I will look. I signed up for a blog a while back but I don’t have a lot of experience writing them. I will look at the settings this weekend and see what I can do. Thanks so much for your comment though. I like your aim and it is where we all need to aim, not just the divs and share prices.

  11. Thanks I’m new to the game and glad I found you early on to keep my competitive nature in check. I was actually giving some free likes over at facebook and found you here at wordpress. I’m a not for profit trying to keep my integrity (not taking the money just because it’s there) but investing my own time and energy for the glory of God. (Sell what you have and (give) to the poor).

    • Do what you feel is right. If you actually like something then it’s fine to like it. If you don’t then don’t. So many missions exist there are tons of topics and choices.

  12. Hey Kita:

    Great blog as usual! I understand the peer pressure! Before I joined Empire Avenue I was feeling peer pressure from a different direction and fighting it and I’m still fighting it. I have never had fake followers – that I know of. I have recently let go of Foursquare because I decided I really didn’t want people to know where I was all the time just so I could earn points. I’ve had a similar reaction to Facebook. I’ve retrenched to think about how I want my communication to be valuable and meaningful so that I can funnel all of the personal requests for “favors” into one to many communication as well as business (when appropriate). I’m also pushing back on all of the personal requests for “favors” so that I cease to be one-dimensional to an entire population. I am more than one thing, I have more to learn and more to do than regurgitate the same advice over and over.

    Empire Avenue has given me a chance to grow in a different areas and meet a whole new group of people with endless learning opportunities.

    Thanks! MM

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