The Gaming of the Game that is Empire Avenue

Empire Avenue is a social media platform that is made up of several smaller products.  These products are in place to help individuals realize the value, and potential of their social media networks.  These networks can also be used for building a global market place.  In other words it’s a multipurpose product that can be utilized for several things.

Some individuals choose to game the system.  One might ask how?  Well lets explore some of the parts, and I will break it down for you.

Profiles:  People create a profile for an individual or a business.  Everyone has a profile and it’s connects you to the other parts.  Some users game this part of the system by creating several fake profiles.  They use stock photos and create fake social media accounts to connect to the game, in order to drive traffic to their main accounts.  Mostly to promote themselves or products.

Missions:  People can create or complete missions with their profiles.  To game a mission you simply have to use one profile to create a mission to support other profiles.  You can also create a mission to support the social media accounts that are connected to the other profiles.  If an individual has at least 10 accounts, and places them all into a community, they can then run missions.  This allows them to transfer virtual currency between profiles.

Communities:  People know that when you post in a community the responses that you get can help your EAV scores.  Posting in the communities also gets you noticed.  Some people create communities to get noticed.  Some just post and ask questions that they know the answers to.  Some appear to try to be helpful to others while using self promotion tactics at the same time to promote their personal agendas and content.  Others post random things that they try to make appear as something that is to help Empire Avenue, or connected to it in some way.  The reality is they are spamming, and hiding behind some phony connection to Empire Avenue within the post.

Social Market: (Previously known as the stock market) – This will now be optional to new users. Some people use the fake profiles to build up and promote their main profiles in the social market.  They game the system by using their fake accounts to increase the amount of traffic to their main accounts.  They purchase shares from one account to the other account and when they all work together in unison they all steadily grow together.

If you use Empire Avenue, keep your eyes open, and watch to see who games the system. Watch to see who actually plays by the rules.  You will be surprised by what you can see if you actually pay attention.

Everyone with more than one account isn’t gaming the system though.  Please don’t think that.  We also have a lot of nice people on the avenue who will run missions for their friends and their friends content, so please don’t confuse that for gaming.  Just watch each individual that you deal with carefully over time. You will be able to tell the differences in those who help all, and those whom primarily help only themselves. Also realize that everyone on EAV at some point or another likes a little self promotion. People do promote themselves, and their profiles.  The thing is there is a fine line between the occasional #BigSelfiePromotion, and the nonstop shameless self promotion that is gaming the system.




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30 responses to “The Gaming of the Game that is Empire Avenue

  1. Dave Humphrey

    Well said and I agree! Thx for taking the time to post this.

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  3. I have to admit something: Whenever I set up a small business website for a client, I highly encourage them to participate in Empire Avenue. I invite them, and many times they accept. They’ll play for a day or two and then they’ll just stop. It takes much coaxing (and phone calls, e-mails, bribery, begging, training, etc) to bring them back to the game, and there are times when *gasp* I’ll use their account on their behalf to bring them up to speed. I don’t cheat. Their profiles are quite legitimate and they accurately measure my clients’ social media accounts. I do not use their accounts to feed my own, in fact I’m usually running client missions from my account! Sure, we all hold the base 200 shares in each other and that is not a ToS violation.

    I am so bummed that the stock market feature is now optional. This whole having to “follow” folks that I’ve invested in, instead of the system auto-magically following them from ‘jump’ is really irritating.

  4. You are managing accounts for clients, if they actually exist and authorized you to make accounts, that is somewhat different, that you getting card stock pictures and making up people.

  5. B R A V O I commend you on the ethical and professional way in which you have approached this subject which affects some of us more than others.
    I decided recently, to focus more on home, health and hearth.
    I sold the accounts of one group and invited them to sell me because I could not take constant onslaught of ….”buy my next three accounts, max in me, buy my product” and so on.
    I am a writer, I am 70 years old and told them nicely I might buy them back when I was out of woods with my health.
    They finally sold me and stopped sending me private messages. This gamer and their group are not just gamers….they are shamers.
    This is not the way most of the fine folks on the Empire Avenue conduct themselves in the game or in life.
    Again, KUDOs, for bringing this subject to light.

  6. Hello there,

    Thank you for this great article. You raised awareness of a major issue on Empire Avenue. People kill me when they try to game the system. They would never do it offline, but all of a sudden, because they just have to face a computer screen, they lose all sense of ethics and professionalism.

    I have had to report several users for not completing missions. It’s not fun, but it has to be done!

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  8. Well said Kita, that explains some of the activity I’ve both seen and been subjected. Thanks for the insight.

  9. I only play EA as a game. I always reinvest my mission EAs back into the sponsor of the mission – I have nothing to sell, no blog – just enjoy the game and increasing my share price. That being said, the article is very accurate –

  10. stevenhealey

    A well crafted blog post by Kita Champion with astute observations . Those gaming the game are however only fooling themselves

  11. I didn’t realize there were so many ways to manipulate the system. Such practices take away from the true value of a social network. I guess it’s one of the cons in combining social media and a stock market. It gives it a bit of a “dirty” feel. I will watch a bit more closely. Informative read.

  12. Globalmint

    Very good article! Thank you for paying attention to practices on EA and bringing them to our awareness. I will definitely keep my eyes open.

  13. Kita, my view is that the people who game the system are just stealing from themselves. It costs them time, which is the one of the most valuable and irreplaceable aspects of life. And to gain what? Fame and popularity among people who don’t even know you? Not really a good trade, IMO.

  14. Good article Kita, have to admit I like the game, but have used to the “power” of the avenue to push articles, topics and even raise awareness for causes. End of the day the Avenue is what you make it

  15. There are some things about EAv I do not understand.
    One thing is people that do not invest in other players (portfolio 0) but pay high dividends and appear in the leader boards.
    What are these people doing? (e)CRABFOOT

    • Some people sign up at a friends request just to make them happy. They connect their social media accounts and a picture. Then they look around and don’t understand the game. Instead of deleting their accounts they leave them. Some of them are so active within their social media accounts their scores are better than users who login to EAV daily. They made a change though a while back. If a person has not logged in during a 30 day period on day 31 their EAV score drops to 1.

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  18. Great post, thanks for sharing Kita! Looks like most people are still confused about how the EAV dividend and BUYBACK system works.

    If you want to boost your dividends and increase number of your shareholders, feel free to visit my blogpost:

    Enjoy and happy investing all!
    (e)BOUCHAC (#2 in Dividends Worldwide)

  19. Joan-FindingLeads4U

    Reblogged this on Joan Stewart –Finding Leads 4 U and commented:
    Great advice, great post and #EmpireAvenue is a great place to be. Reciprocation is the name of the game….

  20. Well said!!! The spammy Spammersons are obvious everywhere, so you can apply this to other networks as well.

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    Gaming Empire Kred by KC

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