“The Cleaners” have arrived to Empire Avenue. Have you heard?

Empire Avenue is feeling new and improved!   It’s a marketing tool, that’s a social media community, a social media site, and a game all wrapped into one.   Empire Avenue is a site that currently has a small user base, that’s growing.  I’ve used the site since May of 2011 and I’m excited about some of the new changes.

“The Cleaners” have arrived to Empire Avenue.  The annoying things that past users have complained about are starting to disappear.  If you like sharing good social media content, then that’s what Empire Avenue is searching for.  If you like meeting new people online, and networking, it’s a place to start.  If you’re into reality T.V., then you will love the Empire Avenue General Discussion Community.  Things are improving, and below I’m just going to tell you about a few of the improvements.

1) Multiple accounts types are available.  These accounts range from free to $499.00 per month.  I recommend free accounts to individuals who just want to meet people .  I recommend paid accounts to those whom want to use it as a marketing tool.  Empire Avenue allows users to create missions (advertising campaigns) to share social media content with others.  Mission FAQs are new and improved.  Every and anything is not allowed, so please read those prior to creating a mission.

2) Rewards can now be purchased, with a virtual currency used by Empire Avenue.   Businesses can purchase a virtual currency called vees and run advertising missions.  When users of the site complete the missions they can earn vees to purchase digital entertainment and gift cards (limited to certain locations currently).

3) The social market game is optional:  If you are into virtual stock market games you will like it, but if not it’s no longer a requirement for new members.

4)  A Brand new Affiliate program has just been launched.  This program will allow users who help other users, or whom spread the word about Empire Avenue to earn commissions.  I just joined this program myself and I’m already seeing results.

If your already using Empire Avenue or if your interested in checking it out, will you please consider me as your official referrer for Empire Avenue by clicking this link.  You can also find me on Empire Avenue with my Social Market Ticker (e)KITA .



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25 responses to ““The Cleaners” have arrived to Empire Avenue. Have you heard?

  1. Great perspective and summary Kita! Thank you.
    The Cleaners have been busy indeed! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the thorough summary of changes at Empire Avenue. Hopefully this can help new users as well as current ones

  3. Affiliate program is something new to me. Off to check it out. Thank you for sharing the updates, Kita!

  4. Great Post Kita! EA is off to the races! Glass is ALWAYS half full!

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  6. candacemountain

    I think these changes were much needed and it is good to see that famous empire avenue boat sailing in the right direction.

  7. Abir Roy

    nice post Kita.. shared on twitter

  8. Excellent summary, Kita.

  9. Reblogged this on Ade Bold and commented:
    An excellent summary of the recent changes (hopefully) improvements going on at Empire Avenue. If social networking is part of your life, it’ll be worth a few minutes of your time to review.

  10. Great Article !!! Shared as requested !!!

  11. Aubrey Blankenship

    Great post Kita! I look forward to these and other positive changes to the Avenue.

  12. interesting point of view, good luck to all 🙂

  13. Hi Kita, did you care to share what type of results your having with the affiliate program? (e)CHRISSINES

    • I haven’t gotten enough to earn a payout yet, you have got to get to $100.00 for that, but a few people have made me their referrer and purchases have been made thus far. I do know at least 1 person that has reached the payout status of at least $100.00 though already.

  14. Thanks for your perspective. Hopefully retention of new players continues to grow. EA is difficult to comprehend starting out. Your article helps clarify some things (e)JAMESMEYER

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